Shiiiiiitake! Or, “Yes, it grows on trees.”

Ah, mushrooms. A fungus that can either delight the culinary senses, or kill you. Fortunately, Korea’s ancestors have got your back. Since their descendents already know a good ‘shroom from a bad one, your biggest problem is figuring out how to use them. Here’s a hot and fast guide to what you’ll find and what you can do with them.

King Oyster Mushroom: As the name implies, it’s pretty big. A lot of meat grilling restaurants serve this baby sliced and ready for the flames. Very tasty.

Enoki Mushroom: Rather delicate, I most often see it in soups.

Oyster/Mini Oyster Mushroom: Mostly found in bibimbap and a spinach/mushroom/sesame oil side dish.

Shiitake Mushroom: Rather common, even in the U.S.


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