Major Tom to Ground Control: “Spaghetti? Really?”

If you’re an airplane aficionado, you’ve probably been to at least one air & space museum. If you’ve got no interest in air or space, you’ve probably avoided them. Whether you’ve been or not, take the opportunity to explore the gift shop (always one of my favorite activities.) They usually stock one of modern America’s more interesting snacks, dehydrated food (a.k.a “Astronaut Snackies”).

Though experimentation in popularity has added (and subtracted) from the civilian market, the ice cream is always a good bet. Dehydrated spaghetti? Not so much. Even as a kid enjoying the novelty of it, I found it a little gross. The ice cream, though, is loads of fun. I had Neapolitan as a kid, and mint chocolate chip as an adult. And now, thanks to the internet, you can order it online….*giggles of mischief ensue.*

Somewhat sadly, there’s no more dried spaghetti (in case you’re like me, and you enjoy being a pallet masochist.)

Astronaut food:


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