The Tale of the Ming Cherries, Part 2

Now that I’ve mentioned the cherry cordial recipe from the blog ‘Losing Our Shirts, Keeping The Farm,’ I’d like to mention my own recipe.

Not having the time to go through the whole process, I took those darn ming cherries and a bottle of white rum. I had to ‘displace’ (into a bottle of Coke) a full glass of the white rum. Then I dumped almost an entire jar of ming cherries + syrup + a stick of cinnamon into it, shook it about, and tried (tried) to leave it alone for a month.

It lasted 24 hours.

I cracked it open tonight, and already the entire situation was much improved. (Notice the gap at the top.)

It’s pretty tasty so far. Which brings us to the next blog, “Making your own vanilla extract.”


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