Bratty Movie Children

Extremely high on my list of “Things that Irk” are bratty movie children. You know the ones. They yell and scream and act out and generally are know-it-all brats that just irritate the hell out of you.

Need an example movie? Here’s a few off the top of my head:
No Reservations
The Rebound
Real Steel

The last being the worst. I don’t know why movie makers think I want to spend time and money watching someone’s pretend children be obnoxious. It’s rather hateful. I have nothing against children – the ones in real life are generally delightful. But so many in the movies are stuck up, pretentious little snots. Is anybody’s relationship with their kids that pathetic? I honestly doubt it. (In The Rebound, the young daughter dissects a squirrel and pins it open on a block of plywood. Instead of being concerned that her young daughter might be a sociopath or lacking in parental attention, she gets sent to bed earlier. Really? Pathetic.)

The worst part is, IT’S A FAKE WORLD. Movies aren’t real. So why oh WHY is it impossible for script writers to make the situation less obnoxious?

Here’s one example of a movie I didn’t hate:

Dan in Real Life


Because he works at fixing problems instead of rolling his eyes, acting shocked, and ignoring extremely disturbing things they say and do.

Oh! And that stack of pancakes always makes me want breakfast.


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