When Travel News Gets It Right

I’m not a huge fan of online news. Frankly, it’s shoddy at best and gibberish at worst. There are, however, some travel news articles that occasionally catch my interest. The professional photography makes them seem charming, and the clever writing makes them sound enticing. Are they? I’m not sure. They do a great job of finding places I’ve never heard of. Here are two recent Yahoo! news travel articles that spiced my fancy:



The first is “exploring the underworld.” Ooooh! Certain words just catch our fancy, don’t they? The second is “dreamy dining destinations.” I’m not much for expensive first class travel (ahem – translate that into ‘poor’), but good food in a beautiful location is nothing to snub. Unless you’re Hades, and you hate the world. In which case, might I suggest the first article?


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