Tips for a Fine Looking Man

For whatever reason, I’m fascinated by old school “how to look fine” techniques. The first is a dress code from the Art of Manliness. The second is Truefitt and Hill – ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best smelling aftershave/cologne companies I’ve ever had the pleasure to run into. Honestly, when you come in for that kiss, you don’t want them to smell like overripe fruit or like the musk gland of a deer is on the face. You want something that smells manly, but  – well, spicy.
The last is Colonel Conk products. I love the way they smell, too. At least, I love the way the shaving soap smells. I can’t vouch for the others. The shaving soap comes in four scents: Bay Rum, Almond, Lime, Amber. All are good choices, and it’s got a good lather on it. (I’m repeating what I’ve heard the fellas say.)

Last but not least, go get a good, sharp razor! No more of that disposable crap!


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