If you don’t live in Korea, you might not know this…but here’s a little fact.

Italian food in Korea really sucks.

Now look, I’m sure there are plenty of people that like it (namely Korean). Why not? It’s geared to the Korean palate. But my Italian is geared to the American palate, and matching palate with reality – not easy.

There is, however, a little gem that sprang like Athena from the thoughts of the many American expats here, and its name is Tomate. (Some people say ‘Tomat.’ This is incorrect, because the Korean clearly reads ‘Tomate.’)

Tomate is one of those restaurants that you’d probably go to in your hometown. The owner, a lovely woman and amazing cook, does her own pizza, pasta and coffee. The best part is, it’s got a flash of fusion to it. Her meat + mushroom pizza uses a little sausage and a lot of shiitake mushroom. Her carbonara is a mix of yummy, with a little chicken and bits of bacon and winter mushrooms. (Need a picture? Check out the next blog, Shiiiiiitake!)

Some of the stranger (read: more authentic Italian) pastas actually have pictures on the wall, if you look around for them. Everything from vongole (a pasta with clams) to a kind of kimchi pasta is on the menu, but I’m so in love with carbonara, I have a hard time branching out.

If you’re just looking for a coffee date, take a step inside, since Tomate’s

The strangest part to all of this is…..I usually hate Italian food.

If you’re a foodie, m


Rum Cherries

Quick update on the ming cherries + rum equation.

Drank all the rum.

Fished out the cherries.

The cherries are just little alcohol bombs.

Really, they don’t taste terrible anymore, because…well, they don’t taste like anything. Except rum. Solid, chewy, red little balls of rum.

Dog Faming


Many of you are probably familiar with the trend of “dog shaming.” It consists of taking a photo of your dog next to a sign describing a naughty thing they have done, preferably with evidence of the misdeed.

I’m not a complete wet blanket. Many of these are done with love and with a twinkle in the owner’s eye. They are adorable and make me smile. But as a positive reinforcement trainer the concept rubs me the wrong way because of the persistent misunderstandings our society has about dogs and their behavior. The things the dogs do are natural doggie behaviors that we, as the ones with the big brains and the keys to the food cupboards, usually could have prevented if we considered them undesirable. In other words, in many cases it should be the owner in the photo next to a “shaming” sign.

So I thought it was…

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Pamper attack!


I’m not sure whats going on today. The human got home really late last night so we got to have lovely snuggles in the morning~ but after our lovely bonding playfight on her bed she made me have a shower~ not cool


This is me post bath▲ and this is the kittens trying to work out why I’m not playing with them ▼




They wouldn’t leave me alone so I went and slept on a different bed~ minus the towel now that I was almost dry




They really love this bed of mine~ can’t wait until they have homes and beds of their own and I can reclaim all that I have had to share ^^

Although the human has been cleaning and tidying the whole apartment which usually only happens when we have guests or when new fosters come in. I hope its a guest because we are definitely…

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Kurosawa, meet Faust

I love Akira Kurosawa.

I think I love Faust.

Kurosawa is one of my favorite movie directors, period. My first Kurosawa was Seven Samurai, a great movie if you don’t mind subtitles, black & white, and sitting in one place for 3+ hours.

Almost immediately after Seven Samurai, I sat down to Ikiru, which I found to be a touching movie. At one point, the main character Watanabe meets a journalist fellow while drinking heavily. The journalist, a well-educated man, utters quite a few things that make no sense to me, and I strive to be a well-educated individual. Among his mumblings, he mentions Mephistopheles (the emphasis is ‘stof’), as well as “Ecce homo.”

Mephistopheles is (according to “one of the seven chief devils and the tempter of Faust.” Naturally, you’d have to have read Faust to know that, and I haven’t gotten around to it.

Ecce homo (ecce = echee or exsee), on the other hand, is Latin for “Behold the man!” This is Pilate’s quote when presenting Jesus with his crown of thorns to the crowd. (Found in John 19:5).  It also references any artwork in which Jesus is portrayed with a crown of thorns.

So there you have it. I don’t quite remember the use of these two items in Ikiru, but it’s good to know anyway.

Major Tom to Ground Control: “Spaghetti? Really?”

If you’re an airplane aficionado, you’ve probably been to at least one air & space museum. If you’ve got no interest in air or space, you’ve probably avoided them. Whether you’ve been or not, take the opportunity to explore the gift shop (always one of my favorite activities.) They usually stock one of modern America’s more interesting snacks, dehydrated food (a.k.a “Astronaut Snackies”).

Though experimentation in popularity has added (and subtracted) from the civilian market, the ice cream is always a good bet. Dehydrated spaghetti? Not so much. Even as a kid enjoying the novelty of it, I found it a little gross. The ice cream, though, is loads of fun. I had Neapolitan as a kid, and mint chocolate chip as an adult. And now, thanks to the internet, you can order it online….*giggles of mischief ensue.*

Somewhat sadly, there’s no more dried spaghetti (in case you’re like me, and you enjoy being a pallet masochist.)

Astronaut food: