Pumpkin and Persimmon Lattes

I’m a sucker for all pumpkin related foods, and this was no exception:


My question, then, is how well it will work if I switch the pumpkin pulp with persimmon pulp. Fall is persimmon season in South Korea, so I have an abundance of the tasty fruit. Initially I thought that a “pudding” would be interesting:


The question of a persimmon latte is a question not easily answered. Fortunately, I have an army of human “guinea pigs” to try everything I make. Unfortunately, most of them weren’t raised with persimmons, and therefore don’t care for the taste. Sad panda.

My curiosity must be satisfied – I’ll craft it and report. Who knows? Sweet potato lattes are popular here. A persimmon latte isn’t too much of a jump. ^^


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