Learning for Free….Is Super Cheap

Should I be doing my classwork? Yes.

Am I using this time to provide intellectually stimulating, cheap material for your perusal? Yes.

Will I probably suffer for my procrastination? Absolutely.

That being said, here’s what counts:

Free language lessons, courtesy of Iowa State University.

Typically, now would be the time to poke good natured fun at my corn-growing countrymen.  However, since most of them pOwn me at grammar and linguistics, I’ll hold my tongue – mostly to avoid dying of shame should any of them come across this.

If you’re interested in picking up some free language skills, check this out:


I listened to the first podcast on Chinese numbers for all of five minutes – now I can’t forget the number “two” even if I tried. (It’s ‘Rrr’. )

My only sadness with the ISU podcasts is A) they’re a little bit old (2006) and B) there aren’t very many of them.

Lastly, might I add that the story of the Chinese son in university is more than a little unrealistic? A nice story, but if I had someone like him in my classes, I’d wonder what that joker was doing in my classes. Then he’d probably go on to set the curve in class.


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