Learning for Free….Is Super Cheap

Should I be doing my classwork? Yes.

Am I using this time to provide intellectually stimulating, cheap material for your perusal? Yes.

Will I probably suffer for my procrastination? Absolutely.

That being said, here’s what counts:

Free language lessons, courtesy of Iowa State University.

Typically, now would be the time to poke good natured fun at my corn-growing countrymen.  However, since most of them pOwn me at grammar and linguistics, I’ll hold my tongue – mostly to avoid dying of shame should any of them come across this.

If you’re interested in picking up some free language skills, check this out:


I listened to the first podcast on Chinese numbers for all of five minutes – now I can’t forget the number “two” even if I tried. (It’s ‘Rrr’. )

My only sadness with the ISU podcasts is A) they’re a little bit old (2006) and B) there aren’t very many of them.

Lastly, might I add that the story of the Chinese son in university is more than a little unrealistic? A nice story, but if I had someone like him in my classes, I’d wonder what that joker was doing in my classes. Then he’d probably go on to set the curve in class.

Pumpkin and Persimmon Lattes

I’m a sucker for all pumpkin related foods, and this was no exception:


My question, then, is how well it will work if I switch the pumpkin pulp with persimmon pulp. Fall is persimmon season in South Korea, so I have an abundance of the tasty fruit. Initially I thought that a “pudding” would be interesting:


The question of a persimmon latte is a question not easily answered. Fortunately, I have an army of human “guinea pigs” to try everything I make. Unfortunately, most of them weren’t raised with persimmons, and therefore don’t care for the taste. Sad panda.

My curiosity must be satisfied – I’ll craft it and report. Who knows? Sweet potato lattes are popular here. A persimmon latte isn’t too much of a jump. ^^